Eastaway to install Carbon Capture on two of their vessels

23 Jun 2022
1 minute read

Eastaway has signed a contract with Value Maritime, the emission-reducing tech entrepreneurs, to install a Carbon Capture feature and Clean-Loop system on board their vessels Atlantis A and X-Press Elbe.  

Eastaway is committed to reducing their carbon emissions and lowering their fleets environmental footprint in line with IMO targets. The installation of the Carbon Capture is just one of the proactive actions being taken and, once the project is completed, will reduce the emissions of both vessels by 20%.   

Atlantis A and X-Press Elbe will be outfitted with Value Maritime's Carbon Capture Module and CO2 Battery to capture and store CO2 on board. The system will capture carbon from the vessel’s exhaust and in turn charge the vessel’s CO2 Battery.  This battery acts as an on board storage facility, enabling the charging and discharging of CO2 indefinitely. The CO2 batteries will be offloaded and discharged at greenhouses in Europe where the CO2 will be re-used to grow crops or flowers.   

With the Clean Loop system, the water used to clean the ship’s exhaust gases is filtered through Value Maritime’s smart filtration system and its pH is neutralised before discharge. 

The clean loop system, is a step in the right direction, towards more sustainable shipping.